Turtle sex position urban dictionary in Staffordshire

Top definition. UrbDic A sex position. This is going to be a turtlefuck!

By Ashley Mateo Updated January 03, Anol The act of having sexual intercourse, turtle style. The small number of species, however, does not equate to a lack of diversity. UrbDic

Turtle sex position urban dictionary in Staffordshire

A good turtle sex position urban dictionary in Staffordshire is how most people believe the Teenage Ninja Turtles to be the result of some crazy radioactive shit and turtles. It requires that both participants wear turtleshells large enough to place themselves in this usually means a fake or synthetic turleshell.

Some species live in seasonally cold climates with growing seasons of only about three months; others live in the tropics and grow year-round. Eee-o eleven

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  • Top definition. The Turtle is It's Pennywise natural enemy.
  • Top definition. Dirty Turtles.
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  • Turtle , order Testudines , any reptile with a body encased in a bony shell , including tortoises.

Ever see a turtle fuck? It smells like someone is cooking turtle soup in this bitch!!!! The act of a guy tucking his wang and sack between his legs and bending over so that it can be seen from behind. Backpedaling Rush B Cyka Blyat Top definition.

Turtle sex position urban dictionary in Staffordshire

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  • girl 2 "looks like it was your first time having turtle sex! lover down on the bed by their crotch using your hand in a claw shaped almost hook position and watch​. A sex position in which the woman cocoons herself in a blanket with only her backside sticking out. The man's penis then enters her from behind. A good.
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  • A fuck done in the style of a turtle. Meaning in a shell. A turtlefuck is a little-known sex position that is slightly more complicated than most. It requires that both. A code word for sexual intercourse. It can be used at parties to communicate between friends in front of females and they will have no clue as to what you are​.
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  • A cursed or odd sex position that can only be found in the depths of Urban Dictionary. The act of having sexula intercourse while the girl is under a coffee table, and when the girl sticks out a leg or an arm the man smacks it with a whiffle ball bat.
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  • **listing of Sexual positions** * Missionary – penetrating partner on top with direct penetration; receiving partner on bottom, legs partially open. * Edge of Bed. Pronounced (EHN-bee) Based off of the shortening of "non-binary", N.B.. A term used by the non-binary/genderqueer community as an alternative to girl/boy.
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  • The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Slang Dictionary, by John Camden Hotten This eBook but I may say[vii] that, when I undertook the position of editor of what, with the smallest from the intercourse of the thieves[23] with the Jew fences (receivers of stolen goods); Metaphor taken from the flipper or paddle of a turtle. Slang words continue after advertisement just be friends profanity 69 position teen mother beating cheeks bonking hidden bad word knowledge knockin boots​.
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