Unprotected sex while.bleeding on depo in Lismore

While this typically occurs during the first few months, it can persist for up to a year or longer for some women. While there is no evidence of regular treatments to stop bleeding while on the shot, your healthcare provider may try a few medications to help lessen the symptoms. Another treatment that your healthcare provider may order is supplemental estrogen.

Weekly Drug News Roundup. Read More. I'm way to young to even be worried. Progestin, the hormone in the shot, prevents pregnancy in three ways. I have heard of people getting false negatives AND false positives.

Unprotected sex while.bleeding on depo in Lismore сделал!

Every 12 weeks, you need to have a repeat injection to maintain your protection against pregnancy. Explore Apps. Full Sitemap. Be sure to discuss your birth control options and any potential risk factors with your doctor. Is there any way im pregnant.? They said that your period might slow down or stop.

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  • I got my first depo provera shot about 13ish days ago and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex in a spa in the weekend twice.
  • The hormones needs some time to accumulate in sufficient levels to prevent pregnancy.
  • I just started Depo-Provera about a week ago during my period and I stopped bleeding.
  • You can get pregnant from the depo shot if you've had unprotected sex from the time of injection for at the earliest a month - if you were coming off one form of birth control to the depo your chances are slightly lower- but it is recommended you use protection for at least a month before. The depo shot has a lot of nasty side effects - which might be what you are experiencing- if you take a pregnancy test and still unsure or feel the symptoms you currently have, I would go to the Dr, its in my honest opinion having been on the depo for several years that it is the most awful type of birth control out there, it makes you gain and loose weight, loose your sex drive, makes you extremely irritable, if you dont get your injection on time you risk pregnancy, the random periods and then lack of them are hard on the system- perhaps the depo is not right for you.
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Back to Women's health. Depo-Provera is not only discreet and convenient, but it is also 99 percent effective when used correctly. Bleeding during and after intercourse.

Unprotected sex while.bleeding on depo in Lismore

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