Was wondering what is the gay scene like in Boston

There are a few gay specific clubs, but most of the scene involves attending a weekly gay dance party at an otherwise heterosexual club. The heartbeat feels less electric. Those ladies are still in the bars.

As a result, the bars and venues that remain feel less edgy, say some old-timers, and the spotty scene no longer cultivates a cohesive-feeling gay culture. So what happened?

I want to move to the city, or Boston, or West Coast. Today Bermudez is in his seventies and lives behind a colorful wall of flower beds in a quaint, antique-stuffed Cape Cod cottage with Bob Isadore, his husband and partner of plus years. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

Boston is also a thriving hotbed of intellectualism. I actually don't live in the City. Sorry if I offended some of you guys. Come in the summer time to P-town and have Was wondering what is the gay scene like in Boston blast take the ferry over from Boston harbor its awesome sometimes you even see Whales en route!!!!

Want to share an opening? Upon entering the Beehive, you're led downstairs usually to an elegant and comfortable space comprised mostly of brick and wood.

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The Welcoming Committee is Boston's go-to social outreach organization for the gay community of locals and visitors alike. I am sure there're plenty of relationship oriented guys in New York City. I guess it will be like a lot of places when it comes to a gay scene.

Perfect Finish. Hipsters, both gay and straight, favorite this offbeat spot for its reliably inventive comfort food, buzzing bar scene, and late hours it's open till 1 a.

Many of these new events trade on the romanticized nostalgia for a not-so-distant past, allowing younger patrons to relive those atmospheres of fun and subversion without the same pervasive, and deadly, fears.

To do so, especially under threat of police raids or beat-downs, was a political act. His best friend, Grace, an interior designer, is hired to give the Oval Office a makeover. Then came Stonewall.

Was wondering what is the gay scene like in Boston

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